Design a fence Competition Entries

Design a fence Competition Entries

Fence Design Impresses the Judges
’Thank you to everyone who has entered our ‘Design a Fence Competition’.  We wanted to share with you all the amazing work and effort from our customers because sadly we can’t build every fence design entry! We wish we could!
The standard of fence design entries this year has been incredible!  Deciding on the final winner has taken the panel several attempts and we are very close to deciding who the winner will be. We shall announce the winner via social media channels very soon!
The winner will be invited to preview their jump creation and have the opportunity to be the first person to jump it on their horse (if they wish).
Lindores Cross Country
The award winning course re-opens for the season on the 1st March 2020 and bookings are being taken for private hire, club hire and training clinics. If you still want to book don’t hesitate to get in touch BOOK TODAY –
The ground has coped well over the 2019/20 winter and it will be ready for the season opening in March.  We have new fences for 2020 which we will announce soon. 
Training / Camps / Clinics
Instructors and hosts can book training or camps at Lindores Equestrian for 2020. We still have plenty of availability so if you’re thinking about a camp or a training event please don’t hesitate to get in touch either with our Online Booking or by email [email protected] 
Horse Holidays 
Availability of our luxury holiday houses is becoming more and more limited over key date in 2020 so please get in touch soon if you’re thinking of coming to Lindores for a luxury horse holiday.  Our horse holidays are a great opportunity to stay, ride and relax and we have accommodation options for all budgets and experiential packages. Check availability of our luxury lodges on our other website
Design A Fence Competition Is Back!

Design A Fence Competition Is Back!

Calling all budding fence designers…

After the success of our Build a Fence competition in 2018 we thought we would hand it back to our brilliant customers to design the Lindores showcase fence for 2020.

In 2018 the wonderful Wobbleberry Fence was designed thanks to the talents of Dorothy Drury and then bought to life by our British Eventing fence builder David Wilson. Read more…

Since then, along with the Lindores Boat and the Danny MacAskill keyhole, it has become one of the most popular fences on course and the one everyone wants to get a picture of. It’s also one of the favourites of the Lindores Team.

So the challenge is on. You don’t need to be an artist – just get your ideas down and we can bring them to life.

What the winner gets:

The winner will be invited to preview their creation and have the opportunity to be the first person to jump it on their horse (if they wish).

Things to consider when designing your fence:

What height and width will it be?

What materials will it be made from?

What colour might you like it?


Get your creative juices flowing and send us your designs via email to [email protected] Entries close midnight 31st December 2019.


The rules:

Designs can be submitted as either hand drawn, or computer generated. Please put your name on your design as well as details of the fence (height / width / materials used). All designs must be original ideas of the person submitting the design. The competition is open to all ages, but designs must be submitted by an over 18.  Winners will be notified by email before the winner is announced by Lindores Equestrian on social media.

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Good Luck!! From Award Winning Lindores Equestrian. Read more…


Lindores Danny MacAskill Hay Bale fence

Lindores Danny MacAskill Hay Bale fence

Lindores Cross Country, nominated as Equestrian Business of the Year 2017 by HorseScotland is the location of Scotland’s newest and most iconic Danny MacAskill hay bale cross country fence.

It is a phenomenal and unique horse jump that was inspired by Danny MacAskills hay bale trick from Red Bull’s – ‘Wee Day Out’ filmed at Lindores, Fife.

In 2016 the globally recognised mountain biker attempted one of his most creative and hardest stunts ever. Danny cycled down a grass field, caught up with a rolling bale, mounted and dismounted it on his bike all while the bale was still gaining momentum rolling down the hill. The extremely dangerous and brave the stunt was branded ‘The hay bale‘ and has had over 7m hits online.

Anna Black who manages Lindores Cross Country where the filming took place was incredibly inspired by Danny’s 3 days of persistence, skill, and creativity. Anna regularly see’s such qualities in the horse riders that camp, train and holiday at Lindores. Danny however has taken his determination to another level – he would never give up until he got the stunt he so desperately visualised.

Lindores Cross Country now have a horse jump to remind all sportspersons that when you put your mind to a challenge anything is possible.

The creator behind this iconic horse jump is British Eventing Course Builder David Wilson. David designed and built the phenomenal 6metre high structure. It is a double sided palisade jump with keyhole which allows horses to jump the fence in both directions. The jump is 60cm downhill and 95cm uphill. At 3m width it makes it suitable for most levels of riders.

The ring of wood that creates the surround is made up from 72 pieces of 200mm x 45mm, these are cut at 7.5 degrees on either end. They were then glued and screwed, half lapping the 3 layers to create a strong laminating effect. It had to be left in 2 parts for transport and handling reasons.

The base sits on recycled telegraph poles, which have been treated with creosote which will help to protect against the wood rotting in the future.  The rest of the frame is for solid stability to hold the large 4m circle.

The bike and rider are also made from wood and painted to recreate the effect of the original picture.

Once on site the 2 parts of the circle could be reunited.  The completed jump was then dug into the hill side to leave it standing level, and fixed to the ground, thus it is ready to jump.

Set overlooking stunning countryside views of Perthshire, Angus and Fife it really is breathtaking.

On the 8th of March Danny MacAskill and one of Scotlands top eventing riders Louisa Milne Home will officially open the fence and spend the day filming stunts over many of the 125 British Eventing standard fences and water complex at Lindores Cross Country. Louisa has been training at Lindores since it opened in 1989 and her training has been key to her success. Louisa has been long listed for the British Europeans.  She and her horse King Eider were one of only 6 horses that completed Badminton and Burghley in 2014 and the aforementioned famous horse King Eider who started learning cross country at Lindores is aiming for Badminton again this year.

During the filming on the 8th March – Danny isn’t getting an easy ride he will be challenged to ride Scotland’s first pace and fitness training facility which has been designed to aid horses for events but we’ll soon see if Danny can keep the pace of a horse!

At the end of the day Danny will replicate the experience the horse riders get – and he will stay in luxurious Lindores Lodge for a well deserved soak in the hot tub!

We look forward to releasing the footage which is sure to be entertaining!