Cross Country

For the first time ever Lindores Equestrian cross country training can continue over winter thanks to our new outdoor arena!  

We are working with BE Course Builder David Wilson to ensure we have safe and compliant cross country fences on scheduled dates over the winter.  

If you would be keen to hire our arena for winter training just select ‘Arena’ in our online booking form and in the notes request ‘XC fences’

2018 has been a first class year with the launch of Scotland’s first ever pace training facility called Lindores Optimum Time Trial.  This innovative and helpful training track on grass is now part of Lindores Cross Country course hire when we’re open between 1st March and 31st October. Read more about Lindores Optimum Time Trial here.

The cross country training ground which has been running since 1989 has over 125 fences built to British Eventing regulation standard. It stretches over 85 acres of good going – well draining authentic cross country terrain.   The new Lindores Optimum Time Trial takes up 14 acres of the course and includes is own British Eventing 80cm and 100cm fences. 

Lindores cross country course has a huge variety of jump styles with fence heights range from 30cm to 1.10m.  We regularly welcome absolute beginners through to 2** eventers who train at Lindores regularly.

Fence designs include ditches, spreads, corners, skinnies, uprights, log piles, whisky barrels, ski jumps, combinations, pheasant feeders, trakeners, beehives, brush, cottages, a keyhole and a large 20m x 20m water complex with run ins, run outs, steps, an upturned boat and a jump into water.

The training ground is professionally maintained by David Wilson Accredited BE course builder and James Oakden BE course designer.  In 2018 we’ll introduce bespoke new fences built by Accredited British Eventing Course Builder David Wilson.  


75cm Corner

80cm and 100cm Hanging Log

80cm and 100cm Roll Top

80cm and 100cm Parallel 

Two Variable Fences – suitable for all levels and easily moved for instructors wishing to practice new combinations and lines.


Grass training is open 7 days a week between 1st March and 31st October 2019 during daylight hours.