Design a fence Competition Entries

Design a fence Competition Entries

Fence Design Impresses the Judges
’Thank you to everyone who has entered our ‘Design a Fence Competition’.  We wanted to share with you all the amazing work and effort from our customers because sadly we can’t build every fence design entry! We wish we could!
The standard of fence design entries this year has been incredible!  Deciding on the final winner has taken the panel several attempts and we are very close to deciding who the winner will be. We shall announce the winner via social media channels very soon!
The winner will be invited to preview their jump creation and have the opportunity to be the first person to jump it on their horse (if they wish).
Lindores Cross Country
The award winning course re-opens for the season on the 1st March 2020 and bookings are being taken for private hire, club hire and training clinics. If you still want to book don’t hesitate to get in touch BOOK TODAY –
The ground has coped well over the 2019/20 winter and it will be ready for the season opening in March.  We have new fences for 2020 which we will announce soon. 
Training / Camps / Clinics
Instructors and hosts can book training or camps at Lindores Equestrian for 2020. We still have plenty of availability so if you’re thinking about a camp or a training event please don’t hesitate to get in touch either with our Online Booking or by email 
Horse Holidays 
Availability of our luxury holiday houses is becoming more and more limited over key date in 2020 so please get in touch soon if you’re thinking of coming to Lindores for a luxury horse holiday.  Our horse holidays are a great opportunity to stay, ride and relax and we have accommodation options for all budgets and experiential packages. Check availability of our luxury lodges on our other website
Top Christmas Gifts for the Equestrian

Top Christmas Gifts for the Equestrian

Top Christmas gift ideas for the equestrian who has everything

We’ve all got that one friend or partner who has everything or is just really hard to buy Christmas gifts for. So we’ve compiled a list of Christmas gifts to shorten your search time and still make them smile!

  1. A horsey or dog photoshoot – Who doesn’t love having photos of their precious four legged friend to hang on the walls at home and enjoy all year.  If you’re looking for a special package have a look at Suzanne Black Photography, who is based here at Lindores. Suzanne often has some cracking Christmas gift offers on her Facebook page.
  2. Tickets for an event – HOYS, Olympia, Badminton, Blair, RHS the list is endless. There are so many fantastic equestrian events out there to choose from.  You’ll benefit from early bird prices if you book them now!
  3. Subscription to a magazine – there is nothing a horse addict loves more than sitting down with a cuppa, some biscuits and a good horsey mag.
  4. Massage/beauty treatments – Let’s be honest horse owners often spend a lot of time and money pampering their horses, and forget about themselves.
  5. SOCKS – you can never go wrong with socks.
  6. A weekend away – escape from the stresses of life and enjoy 5 star ultimate luxury for couples.  Book a 2 night break in The Arches – one of the most popular cottage breaks in the UK. Don’t forget to check the equine events schedule before you book, you don’t want to clash with an important outing.
  7. Gift vouchers for their favourite training venue – Lindores Equestrian Vouchers are the perfect gift because they are so flexible. They can be used anytime in 2020 towards hiring our award winning cross country course, arena, working hunter jumps on grass, campsite, bunkroom and stables.  Buy your voucher today –


8.  If you’re looking for an extra special Christmas package then contact us for bespoke Lindores – Stay Ride    Relax horse holiday package for 2020. Read this old blog for inspiration…

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What it takes – a parents perspective

What it takes – a parents perspective

A Parents Perspective

With the BEu100 Championships at Frickley Park now an exciting memory forever etched in the brains of all those young athletes who represented their country, we wanted to find out more about some of the support crew.

The role of supporting Mums and Dads covers everything from groom to mentor to transporter and of course financial support. When we interviewed a selection of the BEu18 Scotland Team it was apparent how they all cited a parent as their biggest supporters.

We were keen to get a parents perspective and so we took a few minutes with super Mum Emma Bryce to find out more.

The Interview

Please introduce yourself and your daughter

My name is Emma and my daughter is Ellie. Ellie is on the Lindores Equestrian sponsored BEu100 Scotland Team.


Do you come from a horsey-background yourself and has this been a help or a hindrance?

I had a pony when I was younger but my parents weren’t horsey in the slightest. I bred my own foal in 1999 Macrana.

How has riding influenced Ellie as she is growing up?

Ellie has been riding since before she could walk so as a result spends every free moment she has with them. When she fell in love with eventing she took in two liveries to fund it, getting up at 5am every day to ride and muck out before school.

As a parent what have you invested into Ellie achieving her goals?

Mainly time as after buying her first pony she has saved and purchased her subsequent ones.

How did you feel when Ellie got selected for the BEu18 Scottish Team?

Exceptionally proud, she had worked so hard to achieve her goal of representing Scotland and had many setbacks along the way but always picked herself up, dusted herself off and tried again.

As a parent which phase of eventing to you enjoy the most and why?

Cross country I think as it’s wonderful to watch but heart racing at the same time.

Which is your least favourite part?

Dressage as it’s the phase Ellie always feels she could have done better. It’s also the phase I can’t watch!

Since Ellie has been eventing what have you learnt?

To be patient, never give advice to her at an event and how lovely and supportive all the other parents are.

What advice would you give to other parents with a son/daughter interested in taking up eventing more seriously?

Make sure you have an understanding other half as weekends are rarely spent at home!

Does Ellie have any supporters who need a mention?

Two years ago Ellie was approached by Jim Spiers from Advanced Roller  Doors (EK) to be a brand ambassador who has been an amazing support ever since and more recently by A2B Equestrian, who are a riding safety centre, and ensure Ellie is well kitted.

Find out more…

If you haven’t watched our fun video with some of the BEu18 team you can watch it here.

Or if, like many of the BEu18 team you’d like to come and train at Lindores Equestrian you can.

Train at Lindores Equestrian 

Watch Video Interview with BE u18 Scottish Team Riders