EHV Protocols at Lindores

EHV Protocols at Lindores

Equine Herpes Virus is a virus found in horses all over the world but sadly there have been recent cases in Scotland and Lindores Equestrian want to raise awareness to ensure all customers travelling to and from our venue are aware of the virus and do their bit to stop the spread.

Once a horse is infected, the virus remains in the system and can reactivate in the future. Of the four main types, EHV-1 and EHV-4 are the most common in the UK.

Lindores Equestrian are implementing strict biosecurity protocols to ensure our stabling and facilities are clean and disinfected. However, we need our customers to also do their bit to help stop the spread of the virus.


  • EHV-1 which can cause signs of respiratory disease in young horses (runny nose, coughing, raised temperature), abortion in pregnant mares (usually later in pregnancy and sometimes in large outbreaks involving multiple mares) and sometimes paralysis in horses (of all ages). The virus affects young horses more than older ones. Older horses are less likely to show signs of infection, but are just as likely to spread the virus.
  • EHV-4 which usually only has a minimal effect on breathing and can occasionally cause abortion
  • EHV-3 which is a reproductive disease that causes pox-like lesions on the penis of stallions and the vulva of mares
  • EHV-5 which is associated with an unusual type of lung condition in adult horses

FOR MORE DETAIL ABOUT EHV strains please read the very helpful British Equestrian Federation Website.



  • recent cough of unknown cause
  • recent nasal discharge of unknown cause
  • enlarged lymph notes
  • fever (>28.5 degrees Celsius)
  • recent onset of neurological signs of unknown cause
  • diarrhoea


  • The horses travelling to Lindores Equestrian are not under current investigation for EHV infection
  • have not been in contact with and are not kept on the same premises as a horse known to have or be under investigation for EHV
  • have been resident in the UK for the last 28 days.
  • the temperature of the horse is not >38.5degrees Celsius (is so please do not travel and let us know)

We appreciate you’re doing a lot to comply with our Covid Protocols and now we ask that you are fully aware of the EHV Protocols. Its hard to believe we live in a world where both equestrian and human pandemics can limit our travel and enjoy riding horses but with everyone’s co-operation and the above protocols we will hopefully be able to live with the challenges forced upon us!

When training at Lindores you are agreeing to abide by the above self declaration.

Any questions on the above please don’t hesitate to ask!


Our COVID-19 Protocol and Welcome Statement

Our COVID-19 Protocol and Welcome Statement

We are OPEN and you can book instantly online after reading this statement. We’re aligning with the Scottish Governments Outdoor Sport and Leisure Activity Rules as an outdoor sports facility operator. We have an appointed COVID Officer who has undertaken the necessary risk assessments.

Check 2021 Availability Online

It’s extremely important that customers understand the latest rules to keep yourself and our team safe. We have highlighted the key rules for our sports facility below. You can also read the latest equestrian industry’s guidance from horsescotland.

Latest Covid-19 guidance highlights:

  • Scotland moved out of the levels system on Monday 9th August
  • Any remaining government social distancing rules should be adhered too
  • We recommend anyone visiting for a residential camp at Lindores take a lateral flow test before coming – Order here

Facility HireStatus (click on link to book online)
Outdoor Arena with Optional Show JumpsOpen
Cross Country HireOpen
Working Hunter Jumps on GrassOpen
Parking Area (incl new overflow parking)Open
Luxury Lodge Stays Open
BunkroomOpen (household limit)
Campsite PitchesOpen
The Bothy Open (household limit)
ReceptionOpen (household limit)
Tuck Shop in ReceptionTemporarily closed

NO CONTACT OUTDOOR VENUE: We now have a simple and instant online booking form. We are proud to be a paperless and cashless venue. There is no longer a requirement to visit reception to complete a Disclaimer Form and pay cash on arrival, this is done online before you arrive.


Please at all times continue to practice Government recommendations on social distancing, and respect guests and staff who which to take additional precautions.  


In 2020 we built a new hardstanding overflow car park below the working hunter grass paddock. Please attempt to park minimum 5 metres apart. There is now plenty of space to allow for this.


  • Dogs welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times (we’re lambing soon so need to protect our flock)
  • Hourly time slots available
  • Use hand sanitizer provided at any closed gateway
  • Text Anna on 07736 044 058 when you have started and finished your hack with the message ‘FULL NAME – STARTING HACK’ and at the end ‘FULL NAME – ENDING HACK’


  • Hire available with or without instruction
  • Hourly time slots must be adhered too and give time to exit the arena in advance of next rider
  • Use hand sanitizers provided on entry and exit
  • Please wear gloves prior to touching equipment (cups, wings, poles, poo picking kit)


  • Single riders must have someone responsible on foot for safety
  • Hourly time slots must be adhered too
  • Use hand sanitizer provided at any closed gateway
  • Back protectors must be worn in line with British Regulations
  • Hire available with or without instruction


Horses to be fully vaccinated up to one year. Don’t forget you must travel with your horses passport.


Wear up to standard safety equipment. Skull cap and back protector in line with British Regulations is mandatory when jumping on the cross country course.  Use your own equipment for horse and rider. Respect the views and opinions of other members. Maintain social distancing at all times. Ride within your capabilities and current horse and rider fitness levels.


Qualified instructors must have their own public liability insurance.


NEW ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM IS EASY AND QUICK. Check availability, book and pay instantly. Riders no longer have to sign a Disclaimer Form at reception on arrival. Your disclaimer is part of your online booking process. YAY! The person booking online accepts liability for all named riders and should share the Terms and Conditions with their group in advance of training so everyone know the rules. Instructors are welcome to book facilities using the new online system as well. If you experience any difficulty with our new booking system please tell us! We’ll sort it quickly for you.


Arrive 15 minutes in advance of your start time. Try and not linger after training is finished. If you are running late please let Anna know in advance on 07736 044 058.


Payment for facility hire is now all online. Pay by credit or debit card. Our venue is cashless. 


Will be cleaned regularly. Please only use these facilities if absolutely necessary.


Call Anna on 07736044058 and someone in PPE will come to you. In the event of a bad accident contact emergency services immediately. Location details on facility gates.


We are delighted to be opening again and hope these guidelines make you feel safe and protected when visiting our facility

Do not travel if you have symptoms of Covid-19

Do not travel if you have been with someone diagnosed in the last 14 days

Adhere to the signage on site

Use the hand sanitizers available at every gateway

Call Anna if you have any questions, we’re still friendly and very happy to help!

Job Opportunity – Lindores

Job Opportunity – Lindores

Job Role: Office, Product and Marketing Manager / Application Deadline Closed. Entry deadline was 15th Dec 2020.

Award Winning Family Business

Lindores is embarking on an exciting new chapter of growth and hence why we’re growing our team. We’re passionate about high quality and attention to detail.  We continue to deliver 5-star service to our domestic and international customer base: seeking authentic and credible rural agritourism experiences.

Riders Minds  Mental Health Support

Riders Minds Mental Health Support

Riders Minds Launch Online Mental Health Support

Mental Health Awareness Week, 18-24 May 2020, sees the launch of Riders Minds. A bespoke, comprehensive, online resource dedicated to supporting and improving the mental health of horse riders, across all levels.

Founded by 5* event rider Matthew Wright and his wife Victoria.  Matthew has openly shared his own mental ill health struggles.

Matthew said, “The objective of Riders Minds is to remove the stigma of speaking out by increasing mental health awareness, understanding, and confidence amongst all riders. Its helpful from grassroots riders through to professional riders.

“Having been in a few dark places myself in the past we wanted to give the wider equestrian community somewhere to get help and someone to talk to. By raising the profile of mental health and well-being people will realise they are not alone and that it is okay not to be okay.”

Free Confidential Helpline, 24/7

Helpline: 0300 102 1540

In addition to equipping individuals with skills for good mental health and managing life’s ups and downs.  Riders Minds also offers a free confidential helpline available 24 hours a day, sponsored by TheraPlate.

BGA – Riders Minds
Caunton Manor Equestrian. Credit Sophie Harris/ SEH Photography

Riders Minds has been generously sponsored by TheraPlate, Baileys Horse Feeds, Bates Saddles, The British Grooms Association, The Equestrian Employers Association and Caunton Mannor Stud.

The project is supported by British Equestrian and recognised by British Dressage, British Showjumping, British Eventing, the British Horse Society, the Pony Club and Horsescotland.

For more information to get support go to




Mental Health Awareness Week takes place 18-24 May 2020. More information can be found at Riders Minds is a signatory of the Sports and Recreation Alliance Mental Health Charter. In order to sign up to the charter the SLA ask their signatories to produce an action plan to demonstrate how they are using the power of sport to end the stigma around mental health.

Coronovirus Update 23.3.20

Coronovirus Update 23.3.20

Lindores Equestrian 23.3.20

Due to the coronavirus situation and to eliminate any risk of adding pressure to the NHS.  It is with sadness that as of Monday 23rd March 2020 Lindores Equestrian will temporarily close access to any horse or rider physically wanting to hire the facilities for training, holidays, camps or clinics on site.

We shall provide digital training going forward.  Lindores Equestrian are unclear when their stable doors will open again but are contacting all our equestrian bookings up until the end of May offering the opportunity to reschedule. We don’t know whether we will be open in June we will provide an update nearer the time based on government advice.

Lindores will continue to provide first class equestrian training but are looking at virtual solutions. To do this properly a bit of time is required.  But Lindores hope to work with the incredible list of accredited instructors and hosts to deliver what customers want and need. So complete the form below to be part of The Lindores Digital Movement.

Lindores Equestrian have been following the British Horse Society and British Equestrian Federation for guidance since the outbreak however the family feel it is their moral and social duty to stop any horse riding or unnecessary travel to the award winning venue with immediate effect.

Some equestrian training centres in Scotland will continue to operate because there has not been an outright ban on horse riding but Anna the manager of Lindores Equestrian stated,

“We want to do our bit to reduce the coronavirus spreading, we want to limit the pressure on the NHS and we do not want to be in a position where a rider injures themselves on our premises and they are unable to get the medical care they require.  We love our customers, employees and family and we want to make every effort to protect them.”

What does this mean for camps and training booked in March, April and May 2020?

We shall be contacting bookings directly and offer rescheduled training dates from August 2020 until year end. There is availability to reschedule clinics and private hire training from June to year end.

Lindores Equestrian want to remain part of peoples training and development.  Our digital solutions will hopefully go someway to providing information, help and advice for you and your horse.

We’re offering free digital sessions if you enter a virtual training idea below, which we then deliver at Lindores Equestrian.   We will let you enjoy it for free when its up and running.

Digital Training
Age group *
Are you.. *
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