We are OPEN and you can book instantly online after reading this statement. We’re aligning with the Scottish Governments Level 4 Outdoor Sport and Leisure Activity Rules as an outdoor sports facility operator. We have an appointed COVID Officer who has undertaken the necessary risk assessments.

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It’s extremely important that customers understand the latest rules to keep yourself and our team safe. We have highlighted the key rules for our sports facility below. You can also read the latest equestrian industry’s guidance from horsescotland.

On 13th April 2021 the First Minister announced unexpected lifting of rules:

  • From Friday 16th April some travel restrictions will be relaxed to allow travel across Scotland for the purposes of meeting outdoors with friends and family. This will allow travel for informal physical activity, but not for organised sport.

Below are the existing travel restrictions in place now until 26th April 2021. After 26th April we move to Level 3 (and adults will be able to travel to Lindores from all areas of Scotland for organised sport).

  • What age groups can train at Lindores now until 26th April (after which further restrictions plan to be lifted)?
    • Children under 12 years of age can take part in training at Lindores Equestrian.
      • horsescotland have confirmed on 15th March children can take part in organised activity at Lindores with or without an instructor.
    • 17 year olds and under have an exemption to travel across local authorities to their usual club or facility.
      • horsescotland have confirmed on 15th March 17 year olds and under can take part in organised activity at Lindores with or without an instructor.
    • Adults (18 years and over) can take part in organised activity including training and competitions within their own Local Authority area.
      • horsescotland have confirmed on 15th March adults can take part with or without an instructor at Lindores.
    • Adults (18 years and over) can travel up to 5 miles into a neighbouring Local Authority area for informal activity.
      • horsescotland confirmed riders from Fife and riders from Perth & Kinross can take part at Lindores because we are within 5 miles from the Perth & Kinross local authority border.
  • What numbers can take part in activity at Lindores?
    • An outdoor sporting ‘field of play bubble’ for under 12’s consists of up to 30 people including children and coaches at any one time. 
    • For 12 years and over (including adults) a ‘field of play bubble’ is restricted to up to 15 people, including coaches.
  • Who has to socially distance at Lindores?
    • Social distancing (2 metre rule) applies to all children and adults on site from separate households
  • Can any instructor or coach visit Lindores?
    • An instructor can coach and travel across councils but note they count as one household.

If you find this confusing please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss we’re happy to help and appreciate its not simple!

Facility HireStatus (click on link to book online)
HackingOpen in March, Closed in April due to us lambing, Re-opens May
Outdoor Arena with Optional Show JumpsOpen
Cross Country HireOpen
Working Hunter Jumps on GrassOpen
Parking Area (incl new overflow parking)Open
StablingPartly open
Luxury Lodge Stays www.lindores.co.uk Opening 26th April
BunkroomOpening 26th April
Campsite PitchesOpening 26th April
The Bothy Opening 26th April (household limit)
ReceptionOpen 26th April (household limit)
Tuck Shop in ReceptionTemporarily closed due to lockdown

NO CONTACT OUTDOOR VENUE: We now have a simple and instant online booking form. We are proud to be a paperless and cashless venue. There is no longer a requirement to visit reception to complete a Disclaimer Form and pay cash on arrival, this is done online before you arrive.


Please at all times continue to practice Government recommendations on social distancing.   


In 2020 we built a new hardstanding overflow car park below the working hunter grass paddock. Please attempt to park minimum 5 metres apart. There is now plenty of space to allow for this.


  • Dogs welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times (we’re lambing soon so need to protect our flock)
  • Hourly time slots available
  • Use hand sanitizer provided at any closed gateway
  • Text Anna on 07736 044 058 when you have started and finished your hack with the message ‘FULL NAME – STARTING HACK’ and at the end ‘FULL NAME – ENDING HACK’


  • Hire available with or without instruction
  • Hourly time slots must be adhered too and give time to exit the arena in advance of next rider
  • Use hand sanitizers provided on entry and exit
  • Please wear gloves prior to touching equipment (cups, wings, poles, poo picking kit)

CROSS COUNTRY (March only dates released)

  • Single riders must have someone responsible on foot for safety
  • Hourly time slots must be adhered too
  • Use hand sanitizer provided at any closed gateway
  • Back protectors must be worn in line with British Regulations
  • Hire available with or without instruction


Horses to be fully vaccinated up to one year. Don’t forget you must travel with your horses passport.


Wear up to standard safety equipment. Skull cap and back protector in line with British Regulations is mandatory when jumping on the cross country course.  Use your own equipment for horse and rider. Respect the views and opinions of other members. Maintain social distancing at all times. Ride within your capabilities and current horse and rider fitness levels.


Qualified instructors must have their own public liability, must adhere to our Covid-19 Protocol and note instructors can travel across all councils in Scotland to carry out their work.


See above the different travel rules for riders and coaches.


NEW ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM IS EASY AND QUICK. Check availability, book and pay instantly. Riders no longer have to sign a Disclaimer Form at reception on arrival. Your disclaimer is part of your online booking process. YAY! The person booking online accepts liability for all named riders and should share the Terms and Conditions with their group in advance of training so everyone know the rules. Instructors are welcome to book facilities using the new online system as well. If you experience any difficulty with our new booking system please tell us! We’ll sort it quickly for you.


Arrive 15 minutes in advance of your start time. Try and not linger after training is finished. If you are running late please let Anna know in advance on 07736 044 058.


Payment for facility hire is now all online. Pay by credit or debit card. Our venue is cashless. 


Will be cleaned regularly. Please only use these facilities if absolutely necessary.


Call Anna on 07736044058 and someone in PPE will come to you. In the event of a bad accident contact emergency services immediately. Location details on facility gates.


We are delighted to be opening again and hope these guidelines make you feel safe and protected when visiting our facility

Social distance at all times

If we see people not adhering to social distancing, we have the right to ask you to leave 

Do not travel if you have symptoms of Covid-19

Do not travel if you have been with someone diagnosed in the last 14 days

Adhere to the signage on site

Use the hand sanitizers available at every gateway

Call Anna if you have any questions, we’re still friendly and very happy to help!