Lindores cross country training ground has over 110 fences built to British Eventing regulation standard. It stretches 85acres of good going – well draining authentic cross country terrain. 

Fences heights range from tiny open ditches to 120cm so absolute beginners and 2** eventers train regularly.

Fence designs include ditches, spreads, corners, skinnies, uprights, log piles, whisky barrels, ski jumps, combinations, pheasant feeders, trakeners, beehives, brush, cottages plus in 2016 we launched the new water complex with run ins, run outs, steps, an upturned boat and a jump into water.

The training ground is professionally maintained by David Wilson Accredited BE course builder and James Oakden BE course designer.  In 2017 we’ll introduce bespoke new fences like never seen before and a Scotlands first ever Pace Training Facility (more updates in due course!)

Open 7 days a week between 1st March and 31st October during daylight hours.

Some clinics are listed on our calendar but private hire availability isn’t listed because we’ll always do our best to fit you in for the dates and times that suit you.  Just get in touch.